(VoiceOver as a Service)

Here is your opportunity to launch a new Revenue Center!
Earn up 158% ROI

“You can earn up to a 158% ROI. Where else can you find that???”

– Donna Renee

AdvantageIVR will write the scripts for you, voice them and upload them if you want.

What do you have to lose?


Just money to gain.

What is a credit?

75 word file = 1 Credit

Add music = 1 Credit

Use Donna’s voice = 0 Credits

Use Any other Voice Talent = 0 Credits

Onboarding Implementation Fee – $99

Now, one size fits all!


Auto Attendant Greetings


Voice Mail Greetings


Menu Tree Prompts


Internal System Prompts

With AdvantageIVR, On Hold Messages are the same as Auto Attendant Greetings in terms of pricing!

The length of the file determines price and whether or not you want to add music.

Professional Voicing on your VoIP Phones made easy.

And as always, script writing is always included!!!

Who’s going to voice the Auto Attendant Greetings?

You get ONE chance to make a first impression.

Let it be the RIGHT impression with a professional voice over from AdvantageIVR.

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