When we think of a revolving door, it’s typically with a negative connotation attached.
However, when it comes to remaining ‘top of mind’ with your clients, we want that revolving door – it’s a GOOD THING!

The only catch is … we must have genuinely GOOD reasons to keep going back in!

We don’t want to seem too hungry … like we’re desperate for business.

We don’t want to waste their time with stupid reasons for coming back in.

The way to ensure you are a WINNER with every engagement, is to make every visit or call count. How? With valid offerings that will truly make a difference in their business.

We hear people say all the time value, value, value. Reminds me of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.
Some of you will get that.

If you simply parrot what other people are saying or follow the latest trends on LinkedIn … you have to ask yourself, do I believe this myself? Vet it out first. If it passes the snuff test, go for it! If not, just stop and think. Put yourself in their shoes. What would be helpful to them?

One arrow in your Quiver of Stickiness can be AdvantageIVR.

  • What do their auto attendant recordings sound like?
  • Is there room for improvement?
  • Does the experience reflect their brand image?
  • Do they need to change any of their recordings?
  • Have they added new departments?
  • Do they have On Hold Messages with music?

AdvantageIVR has a plethora of flyers that you can white label … hence, your REASON for re-engagement.

We can even do a Caller Experience Audit for them … in most cases for just $99.

So, when you’re looking for a reason to reconnect with your client, think AdvantageIVR.


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